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Message from the project leader, Professor Shimatani.

Why this platform?

This research platform was launched in November 2021, and we are currently working diligently to form the platform.

Let me explain a little about the background from the researcher's perspective.

After the flooding of the Kuma River on July 4, 2020, we immediately formed the Catchment based Flood Control Study Group, and on July 13, we submitted a proposal to the governor of Kumamoto  Prefecture regarding "catchment based flood control for the sustainable development of the Kuma River watershed. This platform is an extension of that proposal and was established by the members of the study group.

The term "catchment based flood control" was first used by Shiga Prefecture, and around the same time, a community meeting on catchment based flood control was held and activities started on the Hii River, an urban river n Fukuoka City. Shiga Prefecture's catchment based flood control measures are very advanced in terms of flood control measures in the prefecture, and are comprehensive measures that include the establishment of a prefecture-wide runoff model that includes tributaries and waterways, the publication of hazard maps, and the relocation of people from areas with a high probability of damage. I think it can be said that this is more of a watershed flood control project that focuses on soft measures.

On the other hand, the Hii River's project is a bottom-up type of catchment based flood management measures from the community side. This measure in which everyone participates in the flood management through a series of small measures to manage runoff. It can be said that catchment based flood management focuses on hard measures using green infrastructure and so on.

However, since the development of the distribution model, it has become clear that the amount of flood runoff in urban areas can be reduced through the accumulation of small runoff management measures. 

Project Leader

Yukihiro Shimatani


Born in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi in 1955

After working at the Public Works Research Institute of the Ministry of Construction and the Director of the Takeo River Office of the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, he became a professor at Kyushu University.

Currently, Special Professor at Kumamoto Prefectural University, Specially Appointed Professor at Taisho University

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