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What is
Catchment based Flood Manaegment?

A new approach to flood management

Green Catchment based Flood Management

"Catchment based Flood Management" is  a new approach of flood control measures that target entire watersheds and include not only hard infrastructure but also soft measures such as runoff control, inundation flow control, and land use regulations. "Green Catchment based Flood Management" incorporates an environmental perspective into these measures, and is a flood control measure that leads to sustainable regional development and environmental preservation.

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Maximize the effect by combination

Runoff control measures include methods such as storage, infiltration, increased evapotranspiration, and reduced velocity. As shown in the figure, water is stored on the ground surface, in land or gravel, a combination of methods, such as infiltration into the ground, can have a significant effect.

Runoff control?

Take advantage of nature's ability to hold water

Rainfall is intercepted by tree branches, trunks, and fallen leaves, and even during heavy rains, a significant amount of rainwater is retained before reaching the ground surface, eventually evaporating into the air rather than running off. It is known that reducing the rate of flow reduces the amount of flooding, but this is also a subject for future research.

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